Free Contractor Websites

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Nothing is Really Free!

Sure, we'll build the site for you for free, but there are two things that you still have to buy when you build a website. You need to buy yearly hosting for that site, and you need to get a domain name. Even if you paid $10,000 for your website, these are two things you would still need to buy...

So, here's the pitch. You order the hosting from the hosting company we "SUGGEST", and we'll do the website for free. Actually, the hosting is a good deal, at around $6 per month, so your not getting screwed, and it's something you'd have to buy anyway. But, if you go through our link, they pay us to build your website... (Yea, standing ovation, applause etc...!)

We'd also like you to order your domain name from, they are one of the cheapest providers, and they are just way easier to work with than most other domain companies. (We are also lazy, and don't feel like learning new domain provider backends all the time...)

And finally, we are going to include a utilites page on your website that will include links to local phone companies, gas companies and electric companies. We do this for two reasons, the first is that it helps your customers get their utilites hooked up, and the second is because we sell utilites for a living too. OK, so maybe I lied, that probably should have been reason one, since our motivation, like yours, is to feed our families.

So, sign up for for your Domain Name here, and at least 1 year of Website Hosting Here, and then send us an email, at with your domain name, login and password for, and the username and login for your hosting account.

How To Order a Domain Name For Your Company:

  1. Click Order Domain Name Here.
  2. Enter the domain name you want.
  3. If you get a green checkmark, then click "Express Buy".
  4. If the name you want is taken, keep trying.
  5. Use the dropdown box to enter how many years you want to order your domain name for.
  6. Click the green "Continue To Checkout" button on the right hand side.
  7. Enter all of your billing information.
  8. check any boxes that they want you to check.
  9. click the orange "Place Order Now" button.
  10. Your Done... Send us the login and password.

How To Order Hosting:

  1. Click Order Website Hosting Here.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Hatchling Plan - Click Order Now.
  4. Enter your domain name in the right hand box, (
  5. Click "continue to Step 2".
  6. "Billing Cycle": Choose 12 Months.
  7. Finish filling out the form, and click "Create Account".
  8. Your Done... Send us the login and password.

Then, email us your logos, pictures and the information you want us to tell your customers, along with what basic color you want your website to be, and we'll get it all set up for you.