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Flat Fee Contractor Services In Walla Walla

For those clients interested in using a contractor in Walla Walla to build their custom home, and who would also like to control the costs associated with the construction processes themselves, Shivell Construction will "General" the building of your new home for a flat construction fee. Shivell Construction will get all the bids for building the new home, including: site preparation, foundation, framing, plumbing and electrical, all the way up through roofing, siding, painting, cabinetry, the finish trim work and more. The client will then pick which contractor they would like to complete each part of their new home and then pay each sub contractor directly when the work is finished.

When building a custom home, sub contractors, who build each of the homes parts, will generally give a contractor they work with on a regular basis up to 50% off of their regular rates. Clients who choose to have Shivell Construction build their new home through Shivell's Flat Fee Contractor Management Service will reap the huge benefits of getting contractor pricing, instead of non-contractor pricing.

New home in Walla Walla, Washington built by Shivell Construction.

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